Startup Bootstrap


We understand what it takes to make a successful startup and work closely with startups of any stage to make their story a success. We love the challenges and thrills of the startup environment and we are able to wear multiple hats thanks to our proven in the field startup experience.
Our main goal is to help you with your product and resourcing needs so that you can focus on your customers and roadmap objectives.

We can help you:

  • Define or refine your solution and product
  • Architect, design and develop your product
  • Integrate the various components in your system
  • Define your development tools and testing infrastructure
  • Resolve problems that are blocking your progress
  • Analyze performance and optimize it
  • Manage your project and product
  • Identify any intellectual property in your solution and protect it
  • Produce technical marketing material
  • Hire new talent and grow your team
  • And whatever you need to make things happen!

We embrace the fast changing and moving startup environment and are sensitive to your time to market and burn rate. We believe that minimizing the try and fail cycles are critical to accelerating your project. We also architect for potential scale out to enable you to scale out your business with limited maintenance and support burden.

With our forward thinking and agile approach, we can help you circumvent constraints and harness opportunities in the most efficient way.